Advising on Businesses in crises

A successful business is likely to experience various types of crises. Sometimes the crises are due to conflicts with third parties, and sometimes the crises are internal (among directors or shareholders or controlling shareholders). Proper, efficient, fast and effective guidance enables the business to resolve the crises and problems, prepare properly for anticipated litigation and/or avoid litigation, while reaching the desired outcome.

For many years our firm has been involved in guiding and advising leading companies and executives, including guidance at board meetings and shareholders’ meetings; in preparing a suitable foundation for future legal proceedings (or trying to avoid them); in providing ongoing advice to directors and executives involved in the overall set of disputes; in providing ongoing guidance on complex transactions on the agenda; in providing advice on how to minimize the risks involved in potential litigation; in assisting in managing the media, insofar as it accompanies these processes; in analyzing legal and factual issues that may arise in litigation, while removing the obstacles even before they form, etc.

Other Areas of Practice